Language is our tissue, what we are made out of. We need to catalogue, describe, name, and invent, it is inherent to us, to the point of becoming an instinct. Words lead us towards an inner dialogue.

Our capacity to reason relies on the words that we acknowledge, and our ability to absorb new vocabulary. Language is to be considered the threshold of knowledge, the boundaries to our rationale and of our imagination.

I am particularly interested in semiotics,and the processes in which language is formed.I like to look into analogies, metaphors, symbolism, and sign and communication processes in general.

As a designer I am working both with images and words to explore the creation of meaning. Using intuition and experimentation, I hope to communicate a complexity of meaning to my audience, to attract them but also to disrupt and question the established communication flow of the spectacle.

My projects aim to push people back into the realm of words, where everything is a hypothesis, where the sound of your inner voice is the narrator, where the wonder lies within, and where the imagination in our minds is the unconscious vision that does not condemn us to subjugation.

By rising the appetite for words we will rise the threshold of mutual understanding, this is the reason why language is a reoccuring theme in my work. It has the power to make us wonder. It throws light into our minds, awakes our sense of curiosity, puts our boundaries to question and haunts our senses. I try to approach my work in ways that encourage an action from the audience, hence avoiding their passivity.

New curiosities have arouse since I moved to London, questions on science and technology, geometry and interactivity. I find those are exciting subjects to explore and produce work on. This new interests have facilitated the creation of interactive pieces of work which belong purely to the digital realm.

I am also interested in how our existence relates to the cosmos, the way our psychologies are bound together by invisible traces and how mankind’s sensitivity is based on similar archetipes for every culture. It is important to me to have such awareness as this gives me a greater understanding of my surroundings, and helps me develop stonger communication paths with people. A good use of this skill of mine can be seen in my capacity to develop infographics, as I find it very easy to strip down an idea and syntethise it in order to express its core to people who are not familiarised with it.

Now I feel that you know me a little bit better.