Chester Zoo's New Development

I was heavily involved in the creation of the campaign concept that Music pitched for Chester Zoo's £30 M development: Islands. Designing from the logo to the storyline whilst at Music, Manchester

Manchester City Soccer Schools

Logo proposal for MCFC Football/Soccer Schools, whilst at Music, Manchester

Oxjam Peckham Takeover 2013

Branding, website and ephemera created for the series of events paramount by Oxfam in Peckham, South London

British Library Health Propaganda Competition

My entry for this competition addresses the issue of diabetes. Diabetes is peaking, it is estimated that in 2025 over five million people will be affected by this non reversible disease. Diabetes in many cases can be avoided by simple changes in one's life: diet, low carb and sugar intakes, are in combination with mild exercise the two best ways to avoid falling ill with diabetes. The current life style as well as the misinformation about dieting, often oriented to beauty issues are factors which diminishes the awareness on this urgent social health problem.

This Typeface is inspired by Street Gangs' Hand Signs,
I found myself fingerspelling words, and decided to make them long lasting. Drawing became the best media to record my performances.
The result is a vibrant multicolor alphabet.

Lettering for MTV

This Typeface is inspired on the works of the Great Sol Lewitt, with a couple of tweaks and some color, please keep scrolling down, Is now part ofMTV's exhibiton Young at art at their HQ in Camden, London

University of the Arts

Series of posters designed to bring awareness on data sharing
The Briefing was to produce graphic materials that were consistent and within
UAL's brand guidelines.
As well the creation of an internal hierarchy chart.

Sigune Hamman at DLI

During the first Semester of 2013 I have assisted the artist
Sigune Hamman in the production of artifacts for her exhibition at Durham's Art Gallery and Museum, [running until October the 6th 2013].
Her works for this show are a response to the Lindisfarne Gospels and the process of the manuscript's creation.

Quinzhee candle is a project run by Sayuri Hirayama.

Sayuri's bespoke hand made candles needed a bit of a push.
So I helped her finding a new graphic image for the brand.

The Lazy Jellyfish is a new childrenswear brand based in Barcelona.

The brief was to create a fun website where their message and style would come across clearly. For that reason I redesigned their site, creating a series of patterns which help them communicating their voice clearly and mindfully.

The Folio Society announced their yearly competition. Huxley's Brave New World was the piece to make illustrations for.

I am not an illustrator myself, but I read this book at the age of fifteen and it left a huge imprint on me. Since I feel strongly about the text, I thought I'd take a chance with some digital collages.
I can proudly announce that I was one of the 5 runner ups.
Creative review mentioned us all.

Venisha is a young artist whose work explores the materiality of film and sound through the use of tape.

For her post graduate debut, Venisha was in need of an identity to introduce her work into a professional enviroment. For this I created her visual Identity, website and business cards.
[all photos by J.V]

Business Cards

Many words are falling into oblivion whereas others are constantly acquiring new meanings.

Technology is morphing the way we use words, imposing restrictions, confining grammar and creating generic vocabulary, which reflects our present time.

Text box is a contemporary approach to the Surrealist technique of writing known as automatic writing, which consists of producing text without being consciously aware of its content. This project uses a letter from Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet as a starting point and employs computerized writing without any coercion, the process is triggered by the sound picked up from its immediate environment.

The software’s ability to interpret sounds as words is restricted to the grammar file embedded in it, which consists of over a thousand nouns extracted from Rilke’s original text.

The match between the input and the grammar file is then displayed on the screen, continuously reconstructing the original letter, regenerating its content and meaning while keeping its original grammatical structure.

[Text box uses Processing]

The text which embodies this piece of work is an extract from the french writer and poet , Christian Bobin’s
Autoportrait au radiateur,
to whom and which I would like to pay homage.

Bobin's writings have the capacity to evoke light and wideness within the reader.

This greatness in his writing has enable the construction of a visual metaphor that steps away from the realm of usual typographical posters, but allows, as the writer does, light and wideness to live within his words.

This that and the other is a layered project and consists of four sections:

  • 0/ Our research material is presented in the publication numbered zero. Alongside the initial reading, essays written by M Minkova and M M Carrasco are to be found at the bottom of the pages of the printed material in this publication. Please note that the pages of publication zero must be torn along the fold in order to be read. Publication zero also hosts the images of our research, which are published in order of appearance providing a visual timeline of our research.
  • 1/ The first paper hosts the essays written by
    M Minkova and M M Carrasco, with their corresponding pictures. The material is curated and laid out conscious.
  • 2/ The second paper hosts the essays written by
    M Minkova and M M Carrasco, with their corresponding pictures. The material is curated and laid out under the random function embedded in Processing
  • 3/ The third paper hosts the essays written by
    M Minkova and M M Carrasco, with their corresponding pictures. The material is curated in ascending order under the hierarchical elements, eg: authors date of birth, number of words, date accessed ect.
  • 4/ Our Website explains the overall of the project and invites people to suggest new hierarchies in which to order the information. For optimum performance this website should be previewed in Google Chrome Browser.

The Cut was a fashion publication embedded in the fashion platform TSTYLESU
I was responsible of the art direction and the editorial design.

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London Fashion Week


The research that backs up this logo takes a first glance at synthesisers and circuits, and finishes imagining the inmensity in Space

"Everything was once a sketch on paper" MM

A stack of 150 sheets of photosensitive paper were left to soak in light for 22 hours.

This exercise studies the physical limitations of light sensitive objects.

[a e i o u]
What colour are vowels to you?

[50% said A is Red]

[45% said E is Green]

[40% said I is Blue]

[40% said O is Black]

[30% said U is Purple]

“Kinesphere is the area that the body is moving within and how the mover is paying attention to it”

Recently artists have exploited choreography in order to explore sociopolitical structures and mechanisms of manipulation. In their works choreography becomes an analogy for the external powers that control the physical, psychological and spatial aspects of our actions.

For the making of this video, we have chosen one of those spaces where society is forced into a certain behavior, and where a limited amount of movements lead to the main aim.

We chose a supermarket as our research area. Supermarkets are restrictive places, where only a handful of movements are performed, towards the same aim.

Leadign to a pattern of movements that is followed and repeated by the users of the supermarket, but performed subconsciously, and therefore not realizing that a kinetic pattern is being created

The movements have been detached from the action, performing them in an abstract plane, where their representation becomes a celebration of those movements.


An installation consisting on exposing several large pieces of double coloured paper at the weather's will for 24 hours.